How to care for your clear PVC Ziptrak blinds


Ziptrak BlindsKeeping your clear blinds looking like new is easy if you follow this simple guide.

Don’t roll your blinds up wet
If you leave water on your blinds it will not evaporate when they are rolled up. Over a period of time this water can damage the fabric.

Lock the storm catches
When your blinds are fully down, you should always lock your storm catches. This will also stop your blinds from rolling up during high winds.

Cleaning your blindsClean PVC Blinds
Simply wash your blinds using a hose or a pressure cleaner on the lowest setting and wipe them dry with a soft cloth. You can also use a gentle detergent such as a wool-mix on more stubborn stains. Another popular choice is a product called VuPlex, a cleaner that has been specifically developed for the cleaning and protecting clear PVC blinds. It’s available from most good hardware and automotive stores.

Wind protection
Your Ziptrak blinds will withstand fairly gusty conditions – including winds blowing at up to 50kph. However we recommend that you roll up your blinds if a storm is approaching to insure that your investment is always protected.

Maximising your view
To keep your blinds looking like new, it’s best to leave your blinds all the way down as much as possible. This will help your blinds keep their shape and retain their clear window-like finish.

Lubricate the tracks
We recommend that you spray your tracks monthly with a silicon spray. This will keep them lubricated so they always slide up and down smoothly.