Mark Rowe, Kenlow Sales Rep From March 2022

Meet our South Rep, Mark!

What is your official job title?

Design & Sales Consultant – South of the River.

How long have you been in the construction and textile industries?

I have been a product and sales specialist for many decades – since 2007, as well as many years prior working as a qualified cabinet maker.  I have worked with engineers, architects and designers to achieve custom, safe and durable results for residential, commercial and mining spaces.

How has your experience in the construction and textile industries benefited your role at Kenlow? 

Having the experience in both the sales and construction side of things allows me to take a holistic view of our solution-based process.  Armed with many products, materials and textures at Kenlow, I enjoy the selection process with each client.  Keeping up with industry trends allows me to help create the right facade for the property, be it unique, conforming or otherwise.

It’s also worth noting, before joining the business I was a satisfied Kenlow customer.  So you could say I am a pretty compelling testimonial to our company and products!

Why do you believe coming in person to see the site first is so important?

Listening to our clients’ ideas and requirements is paramount in seeking the ideal solution.  There is no better way than in person at the actual property.  Often there are several product choices available and we can explore their features and benefits, along with the client’s budget to achieve the best outcome.

Having first-hand knowledge of our clients’ premises also ensures our plans take into consideration any structural factors. This saves our clients time and money as well as providing peace of mind.  A large portion of our business is repeat work from existing clients and businesses and we are now also enjoying working with their next family generations due to our business longevity.  Our friendly attitude flows through our whole business, and with it we certainly feel we are “More Than A Shade Better”.

Denis, Kenlow's Sales Rep Meet the Team

Meet our North Rep, Denis! 

What is your official job title?

Design & Sales Consultant – North of the River.

How long have you been with Kenlow? 

Since 1976!

Approximately how many quotes have you given in your career?

Summer months are busier than winter months, but I would say I give 5-6 on-site quotes a day on average. However it can go up to 8 per day. So that multiplied by many decades!

Why do you believe coming in person to see the site first is so important?

It’s necessary for the clients to see who they’re talking to because you get better communication when you talk to someone in person. It’s easy to pick up the phone and talk to someone you’ll never see again, but face-to-face builds up confidence and I know the client will appreciate my opinions, advice and expertise. In fact, approximately 60% of my sales are repeats and referrals and my age is also a benefit because I’m able to explain the products clearly and help the clients work out their problems.

It’s also important to note that Kenlow is a family run business and has been for since 1969. Through consistent hard work we’ve been able to keep up our high standards. This is relevant in today’s market, because a quality awning company with professionalism and expertise will always weigh in your favour.

Book a time for an on-site quote and we’ll have Mark or Denis come see you about your specific solution.