Our wide range and very popular folding arm retractable awnings are ideal for most outdoor entertaining areas including courtyards and alfresco dining areas.

They come in a wide variety of designer fabrics and colours to match and enhance your décor. Each folding arm retractable awning is custom-made to fit your requirements and location – exactly.

Featuring a robust folding arm mechanism, it means that they cover an area up to a massive 17 metres wide and outwards to as much as 3.6 metres.  Add to that their ability to tilt and you can set your retractable awning to provide plenty of shade and protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays at almost any time of day.

Because it requires no other form of support such as vertical posts, a retractable awning means that you can make the most of your outdoor entertaining space. Extending and retracting the awning is easy. It can be done manually or at the touch of a button when an optional electric motor is fitted.

This motorised option is also environmentally friendly; if you opened and closed the folding arm awning every day, power consumption would cost less than $1 per year. We can also supply a fully automatic version of the retractable awning that uses sun and wind sensors to extend and retract the awning according to the weather conditions at the time.

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