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  • How to Care for your Clear PVC Ziptrak Blinds

    Posted on 1/30/2019

    PVC Ziptrak blinds provide the ultimate protection from the elements so you can turn your outdoor entertaining area into another room to use all year round. So, we imagine you’ll want to keep them in good nick.

    As Perth’s leader in custom made Ziptrak blinds, we understand a thing or two about keeping your clear blinds looking brand new. We’ve taken some pointers from Ziptrak and have put together this simple care guide. Read on to find out how we recommend keeping your PVC Ziptrak blinds in tip-top condition.

  • Why it’s important for us to on-site quote

    Posted on 10/30/2018

    Kenlow has been in the shade business for 48+ years and it’s this continued focus on quality and workmanship that’s kept us as Perth’s premium blinds and awnings manufacturer. Sometimes we get asked why it’s important to on-site quote. Here we hope to answer some of your questions and explain the benefits of coming on-site to provide our quotes.