Kenlow’s Own Retractable Roof System

A Kenlow PatioShayd™ is a custom-made patio shade product that can be designed to fit almost any timber or steel pergola structure or even installed under an existing clear glass or plastic sheeting roof. Ideal for the harsh Perth climate, Kenlow outdoor blinds and shades can offer the protection you need all year round.

Once installed, operation and adjustment of your custom patio shades is very quick and easy. A pull cord extends and retracts the patio shade to any position giving you total control. Irrespective of the time of day, you can fine-tune the amount of shade you get and where and when you need it according to the position of the sun.

Available in a range of durable outdoor shade fabrics and a stunning choice of fashionable colours, PatioShayd™ will help to keep any area exposed to direct sunlight a lot cooler during our hot summer months.

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Bright blue sky and lush green grass featuring a black, Kenlow outdoor shade
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