Finding the Right Shade Solution

Whether it is to shelter us from the hot sun, chilling winds or rain, since the dawn of time we have invented a vast array of ways to protect ourselves and our homes from the elements.

Explore a Wide Range of Outdoor Shade Solutions

When it comes to outdoor shade solutions, there is a wide range of options available to protect ourselves and our homes or our businesses from the elements. Each solution offers its own advantages and is suitable for different situations and preferences. Whether it’s heavy-duty umbrellas, window awnings, retractable awnings, or Ziptrak window blinds, the choice depends on factors such as the desired level of shade, flexibility, ease of use, and aesthetic preferences.

But is one of these outdoor shade solutions better than another at keeping us cool? Well, it all depends on the situation and the amount of shade required at different times of the day or year.Consulting with experts in the shade business, like Kenlow with their 50 years of experience, can provide valuable guidance and help you choose the best shade solution for your circumstances.

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