Caring for your Ziptrak Blinds

Ziptrak blinds provide the ultimate protection from the elements so you can turn your outdoor entertaining area into another room to use all year round. So, we imagine you’ll want to keep them in good nick.

As Perth’s leader in custom made Ziptrak blinds, we understand a thing or two about keeping your clear blinds looking brand new. We’ve taken some pointers from Ziptrak and have put together this simple care guide. Read on to find out how we recommend keeping your PVC Ziptrak blinds in tip-top condition.

After installation of your new blinds

PVC and Mesh blinds are rolled up for transportation. So, you may need to leave the blinds down for several days to allow the material to settle.

Operating your Ziptrak Blinds

Ziptrak blinds are simple and easy to use, providing a smooth glide for years of carefree operation.

Spring-balanced Ziptrak Blinds 

Spring-balanced blinds allow you to easily lower or raise the blind, with a sophisticated spring that supports the weight of the blind. The blind should be hand-operated from the centre of the bottom bar. Lightly push down the bottom bar to unlock and then use the pull stick to raise the blind. This ensures the material rolls evenly onto the top tube. The blind should always glide smoothly and easily along the track.

Motorised Ziptrak Blinds

Motorised blinds are operated by utilising the remote control provided and must be supervised while moving. Please note they cannot be hand-operated and doing so may damage the blind. Unless your motorised blinds are solar powered, they will not operate during a power outage.

Instructions on how to unlock your ziptrak blinds

Avoid rolling up your Ziptrak blind when they’re wet

Moisture within the rolled up blind material may cause mould to form. So allow the blind to dry before rolling up the blind.

Diagram showing rolling Ziptrak blinds up and down during different weather conditions

Using your Ziptrak blinds in windy conditions

You may find Ziptrak spring-balanced blinds are a little tricky to operate during windy conditions due to the pressure of the win on the blind material. Use your hand to push against the blind material to reduce this pressure and then operate the blind.

Care must also be taken when operating motorised Ziptrak blinds in windy conditions. They must be supervised whilst raising and lowering at all times.

In windy conditions, blinds should be left down and locked, or fully retracted – half way is the most vulnerable position. When expecting or experiencing very strong winds, a storm or a severe weather event, your blinds should be fully retracted.

Cleaning your Ziptrak Blinds 

With correct cleaning and maintenance, Ziptrak blinds will look great and function properly for years. Here’s some of Ziptack’s top tips for cleaning them:

Mesh Blinds

  • Clean the blind with Swiftee outdoor blind cleaner. Swiftee is compatible with both Mesh and Clear PVC outdoor blinds.
  • Do no use bore water or allow bore water spring systems to wet the blind. Never allow petrochemicals or solvents to touch the blind.
  • Do not use a high pressure hose to clean the blind.

PVC Blinds

  • Do not use window cleaning detergents to clean the PVC.
  • Clean the blind with Swiftee outdoor blind cleaner.
  • Never allow bird droppings, dirt or stains to remain on the PVC for long periods of time.
  • The PVC surface is highly sensitive to scratching and marks, so always be cautious when cleaning, operating or moving items around PVC blinds.
  • Ideally, use a soft, clean cloth to polish and dry the PVC after cleaning and prior to rolling up the blind.
  • Do not use a high pressure hose to clean the blind.

Maintenance of your Ziptrak Blinds

In general, Ziptrak blinds should not require additional lubrication by the owner. However, in dusty and seafront locations, approximately once a year you may wish to add lubricant to assist in the continued smooth operation of the blind.

It’s very important that you do not use any oil based lubricants such as WD40, as they will damage the spline tape and clog the dust that may be within the track. You must use silicone spray, such as food grade Helmar H4000. To apply:

  1. Lower the blind all the way
  2. Evenly apply the spray in the groove between the spline and the track
  3. Do this for the front of the blind only, on both the left and right sides
  4. After lubrication, open and close the blind several times to evenly distribute the silicone spray within the track

Diagram showing how to spray WD40 on Ziptrak blinds

Contact us today for a free measure and quote on your Ziptrak blind requirements and look forward to easy upkeep all year long.