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How to Care for your Clear PVC Ziptrak Blinds


PVC Ziptrak blinds provide the ultimate protection from the elements so you can turn your outdoor entertaining area into another room to use all year round. So, we imagine you’ll want to keep them in good nick. As Perth’s leader in custom made Ziptrak blinds, we understand a thing or two about keeping your clear blinds looking brand new. We’ve taken some pointers from Ziptrak and have put together this... View Article

Why it’s important for us to on-site quote


Kenlow has been in the shade business for 48+ years and it’s this continued focus on quality and workmanship that’s kept us as Perth’s premium blinds and awnings manufacturer. Sometimes we get asked why it’s important to on-site quote. Here we hope to answer some of your questions and explain the benefits of coming on-site to provide our quotes. 1. Why are on-site visits important? There are 2 main benefits... View Article

Top 5 Tips for Choosing the Right Supplier


We know that it’s not easy to choose the right supplier when it comes to your outdoor shading solution. Your blinds are a long-term investment that you don’t want to be replacing unless you have to, so getting the lowest price is not always the only factor to take into consideration. To help you make an informed decision, here’s our top 5 tips to ensure you pick the perfect supplier... View Article

Why Kenlow Comes Out to Quote


We’re often asked why we like to come and meet with you before we install your shade solution. The simple answer is because we believe it’s really important for us to see the installation site for ourselves so you can get the most out of your outdoor living space. Each installation site is unique and the reason why Kenlow has stood the test of time is because we custom design... View Article

The Top Benefits of a Folding Arm Retractable Awning


Want to get the most out of your outdoor entertaining area this summer? At Kenlow, we believe folding arm retractable awnings provide the best sun protection given their superior shading capabilities, including the option to be electrically opened and closed. Check out our main reasons for why you should choose a folding arm retractable awning in the lead up to the busy Christmas period. What is a Folding Arm Retractable... View Article

Why Electric is the Superior Choice for your Outdoor Blinds


Outdoor blinds have been popular additions to homes all over Australia for many years, and with good reason. These products not only add comfort and style – they also provide invaluable sun protection to our homes, which will be vitally important as we approach these hotter summer months. We recently discussed what to consider when choosing an outdoor blind, however another important aspect is whether you should opt for a... View Article

Make a Summer Decision and Choose Mesh


Do you enjoy outdoor living and entertaining and want to make your alfresco space more versatile all year round? Then perhaps outdoor blinds are the best solution for you. However, when it comes to purchasing the perfect outdoor shade solution for your home, the type of blind you go for is a decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Like any big purchase, it’s important to carefully consider your options and... View Article

Choosing the Right Shade Solution for your Home


Outdoor living spaces are becoming more and more popular nowadays as a way of extending the interior living spaces of a home as well as increasing the overall value of a property. Outdoor blinds and retractable folding arm awnings are a key element when it comes to bringing the outdoors in, not only in terms of design, but functionality of the space as well. To help homeowners craft their ideal... View Article

5 Key Things to Consider When Choosing Outdoor Blinds


Regardless of how much you enjoy the scorching heat in summer or listening to the sound of the rain fall in winter, chances are you don’t want to be exposed to these elements while enjoying your outdoor living area. The climate is just one of the 5 key things to consider when choosing outdoor blinds and shades. We have put together the following list of items that you should take... View Article

What is the best fabric for an awning?


In the past awnings were made from cotton fabrics however, being a natural fibre, they tended to rot over time due to rain and moisture. These days, Kenlow recommends what are called ‘out-of-solution’ dyed acrylic fabrics for most of its awnings. Unlike other materials, where the fabric is dyed after it is woven, ‘out-of-solution’ means that the acrylic fibre thread itself is dyed before it is made into a fabric.... View Article