Kenlow Folding Arm Retractable Awnings

In the past awnings were made from cotton fabrics however, being a natural fibre, they tended to rot over time due to rain and moisture.

These days, Kenlow recommends what are called ‘out-of-solution’ dyed acrylic fabrics for most of its awnings.

Unlike other materials, where the fabric is dyed after it is woven, ‘out-of-solution’ means that the acrylic fibre thread itself is dyed before it is made into a fabric.

It is simply the best dyeing process known to man, making the fabric less susceptible to fading and one that will last for years.

Of course some suppliers will offer a cheaper alternative to acrylic fibre, but they simply do not last and are far more vulnerable to deterioration outdoors due to our harsh climate and the effect of UV rays.

Some of our fabric suppliers also use Teflon® in the finishing process. This further protects the fabric by creating an invisible barrier that enhances water repellence and minimises dirt adherence.

Available in a multitude of colour and pattern options that we have selected complement any domestic or commercial application, our range of acrylic fabrics will reduce solar heat gain by up to 90%, naturally creating a cool and comfortable living environment.

To enquire about Kenlow’s wide range of awnings, please contact us to arrange a free measure and quote.